Saltbox Shipping Container Business Solutions

SaltBox is proud to offer out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to business spaces. Our unique designs, created from the ground up, will leave a lasting impression with your clients. Whether it’s a trade show booth, coffee shop, barbershop or a waterfront t-shirt shop, you can rely on SaltBox to bring your dream space to life.

Design. Build. Deliver.

At SaltBox, we are committed of providing a turnkey solution from beginning to end. Below are straight-forward steps to your new business space. Whatever you’re thinking, we’d love to discuss your project with you. Give us a call or email us to get started on the possibilities for your shipping container business.

Step 1 - Small Home Design

Working with our designers, we will create a customized design that addresses every element of the space you want to build.

Step 2 - Shipping Container Build

During the fabrication stage of the process, we will work with you, checking in at each and every step to ensure your completely customized space is exactly what you envisioned.

Step 3 - Deliver and Install

Our skilled team will work with you to ensure that your new SaltBox arrives safely and is properly situated in its new environment.

Fast Home Building

Speed is Key

The speed in which a commercial SaltBox build goes together is much faster than your typical construction model. The flexibility of the structure and what you can do with it makes them ideal for commercial and tradeshow applications.

An Anywhere Solution

One of the biggest factors of a SaltBox space is flexibility of location. Within minutes you can have the container on a truck, moving it to virtually any location. Traditional trade show booths are labor and cost intensive – rather than investing money in building material, labor, and hotels during the trade show setup phase, just imagine having one single truck drop off your booth leaving you to simply open the doors and turn on the lights. The same goes for leaving – once the show is over, you turn the lights off, close the doors, call the truck and it’s off to your next event.

Transportable Solution for Businesses