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Economical Housing Solution

Available Equals Economical

The recent boom in international shipping means that shipping containers are widely available – especially in a port-city like Halifax. International shippers often use containers only one way, as they find it cheaper to buy a new container in the country of origin rather than ship empty containers home.

Incredibly Strong Structural Base

Incredibly Strong Structural Base

Shipping containers are strong steel boxes built tough for heavy cargo use; therefore they offer an incredibly strong structural base for your home, cottage or business.

Modular By Nature

Modular By Nature

Built to specific dimensions for the ease of transport, shipping containers are designed to interlock when stacked for travel, making them ideal for modular construction.

Recycled and Sustainable


Reusing shipping containers as structural bases not only repurposes something that would eventually become waste, but also greatly reduces the amount of traditional building materials required to build your space.

At SaltBox, our philosophy is Design. Build. Deliver. We take pride in offering a reliable and sustainable solution to residential and business customers. Custom designed homes, cottages, mobile offices, pop-up shops – if you can dream it, we can build it.